Henry J. Ng – Project

Two ideas. (1) One of the most interesting possibilities are gestures that fall between two types of movements. For example, tilting the T-Stick could be slow swinging. It is these unclear areas that enable infinite combinations of sounds and audio processing. This would be one method of composition I would propose to use – establishing a basic connection between certain gestures and sounds, and then exploring areas between two gesture and sound combinations. (2) The T-Stick is an object in space. The distance between the audience members and the instrument is continually changing. One simple possibility is that sounds appear further from the audience as more distance is placed between the instrument and listener. By implementing aspects of space, I intend to give the instrument a stronger three dimensional aural presence. Visually, the instrument appears three dimensional since gestures occur in a three dimensional visual space. Sound should also be three dimensional, with sounds being perceived as having continuously varying distances. Attention to spatial aspects of the instrument will also expand the performance possibilities of the T-Stick. (Henry J. Ng)

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