Software setup for “power of one”

Download (3.2 MB) the t-stick repository containing Max/MSP and LogicPro components. In addition to the repository, you must download the following externals: jcom.oscroute from the Jamoma project and aka.mouse.

After downloading, uncompressing and installing the files, place all Max/MSP components, including all externals, in Max’s file search path. Jamoma should automatically be placed in the file search path while installing. Move the LogicPro folder to a location of your choosing.

Watch the accompanying video in which I show how to set up and configure the software for a performance. Click on the ‘enlarge’ or Vimeo link in the bottom righthand corner of the video to watch a larger version.


About dndrew

Orchestral, chamber and interactive music composer Digital musical instrumentalist Real-time software systems designer Computer music educator
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