Preliminary mapping & sound for Bryan Jacobs

A demonstration of some preliminary mapping ideas on the soprano t-stick, as a result of the first t-stick workshop session with New York composer, Bryan Jacobs. Gestures control the playing and processing of vocal samples.


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Orchestral, chamber and interactive music composer Digital musical instrumentalist Real-time software systems designer Computer music educator
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2 Responses to Preliminary mapping & sound for Bryan Jacobs

  1. Kye Lippold says:

    Very neat presentation; I can definitely see the potential of the instrument, especially with a careful selection of samples.

    I am curious–has there been any work on implementing a wireless connection between the T-Stick and PC (rather than a USB cable)? In this age of mobile technology, that shouldn’t be too hard to engineer–and it would probably expand the movement repertoire for the instrument.

  2. jmalloch says:

    We have constructed several wireless versions of the T-Stick, including one for a piece for dancer and live spatialized audio. The version of the instrument being used for these workshops is wired, but the next generation will be wireless.

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