Datastream record & playback

Finished developing Max patch, including GUI (below), for recording and playing back data streams while executing techniques on the t-stick.  You can use the patch to simulate t-stick gestures without actually using a t-stick.

The Max patch is called datastream and will soon be in the controllers folder in the T-Stick software repository.  I will upload a new version of the repository, tomorrow.

Datastream intercepts t-stick data at the /raw level and works in tandem with the other levels of the current t-stick programming (i.e.,  /cooked, /instrument, etc.) and the DOT Mapper.  This means, you must have the t-stick performance patch and DOT Mapper open.

When I upload the new version of the repository, I will also update the t-stick performance patch so that you are able to call up the datastream GUI via the performance patch…stay tuned for a confirmation of the update.


About dndrew

Orchestral, chamber and interactive music composer Digital musical instrumentalist Real-time software systems designer Computer music educator
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