Workshop with David Ogborn – ogborn (2)

On December 13, David Ogborn was in Montreal and so I invited him over for our second workshop session.  I was excited to have him in town and I welcomed him to my ‘home base’ at the matralab.  The first part of our time together was spent on quiet programming – David working on his new breakcore synthesiser while I worked on some gesture extraction algorithms.

In terms of gesture, we are exploring movements that co-ordinate well with David’s musical concepts of rhythmic unity.  For instance, his composition will involve a set of gestures that when combined, stabilise or bring a sort of periodicity to a bank of glitch-influenced sounds; t-stick movement will increase or decrease ‘metricity’, as David is calling it.

During the second half of our meeting, we explored shaking as a means of controlling metricity. I shook non-stop while David looked over the t-stick data streams coming into his custom-built synthesiser.  We made an effort – exerted an effort – to map energy exertion to metricity.  The harder I shook, the more stable the sounds became.  After some reflection, it seems that the ‘inverse’ may make more sense; the harder the shake, the less stable the sounds become.  Work in progress, as usual.


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