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Adapted t-stick notation (prompt score)

Aspects of traditional music notation (see an example for the t-stick, below), may be adapted for the purpose of creating what I call a ‘prompt score’. This type of notation for the t-stick directs the performer toward a sequence of … Continue reading

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T-stick Notation

The music for the t-stick is represented in two associated forms: a printed musical score and a software graphical interface of my own design. In the printed score, music for the t-stick is notated on a three-line staff (see Example … Continue reading

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Launching software components & playing back datastreams

The purpose of this entry is to provide a short video clip of a few simple playing techniques and the Datastream file that was generated by these techniques.  After watching the video and downloading the datastream file, you will want … Continue reading

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Cyberain, uh-huh and bam

New mapping strategies and, thus, new modes of performance are the most exciting advancements to originate from the 2010 T-stick Composition Workshops so far. The seeds of these strategies are born in the imaginations of the composer-participants. This example illustrates sound-gesture … Continue reading

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Preliminary mapping & sound for Bryan Jacobs

A demonstration of some preliminary mapping ideas on the soprano t-stick, as a result of the first t-stick workshop session with New York composer, Bryan Jacobs. Gestures control the playing and processing of vocal samples.

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